Banks and Financial Institutions (BFI’s) have been dataedge’s core area of operation so far. After being able to earn enviable respect from this sector by being able to manage mission critical projects dataedge has widened its operation in areas like telecoms, MNCs, and other small & medium enterprises.
Deep rooted domain knowledge in Banks and Financials Institutions (BFIs) has always been the primary strength of dataedge. Successful implementation of core banking solutions, and experience of managing mission critical projects have provided dataedge with the confidence of taking up projects in other industry segments and successfully managing the same. Seamless development of the call center project comprising of IVR and CTI at TM International (Bangladesh) Limited is one of such examples. In addition to this dataedge has developed expertise in wireless technology; sizing, configuring, and deploying Cisco routers and switches; and radio communications for voice/image/data.
Core Banking Solution:
dataedge represents iflex’s FELXCUBE—the number one core banking solution in the world as per IBS (UK) rating since 2002. So far dataedge has successfully marketed iflex's products and services to five major private sector banks in the country.
Payment Card Management and ATM Switching Solution:
dataedge represents Payment Card Management and ATM switching solutions from TietoEnator. Immensely modular, the Solution can be used for a number of business purposes
by banks (issuers and acquirers), financial institutions with in house processing infrastructure, as well as multi bank processing and clearing centers. Openness in hardware and OS platforms enabling seamless API, reliable technologies (Oracle, BEA Tuxedo), immense scalability in line with card business development, compliance with international standards (VISA, Master, Amex and EMV readiness), support for all standard ATM and POS protocols, etc. makes our solution unique and attractive.
Card Personalization Solution :
dataedge represents card personalization solutions from Matica Digicard. Matica offers a wide range of products as per customer’s requirement for production volumes and speed and currently provides world’s fastest card production machine. Matica products offer immense versatility in terms of single pass or multiple pass production, photo printers, combined embossing and photo printing, combined embossing, indenting, etc. The equipment and printing software offered by Matica has built in EMV support ensuring investment protection for customers who are currently using Magstripe, but plans to move to EMV at a later stage. Matica systems are also certified with world’s leading EMV solutions.
Call Center Solution:
dataedge, partnered with Serviont Global Solutions, is the only company in the country, which offers end to end call center solutions to customer focused companies as part of their business response solution. dataedge has already offered a complete call center solution to the second largest cell phone operator in the country.
Telephony and Voice Solutions:
In Bangladesh dataedge solely represents Avaya GlobalConnect Limited, and offers full range of AVAYA contact center/call center graded switch, AVAYA IVR and CTI, Video and Audio conferencing and Voice logging solutions.
Enterprise Group Server Reseller:
As a reseller of multiple reputed brands, dataedge supply and configured Enterprise group servers and storage to its values customers.
SafeScrypt Sales Affiliate:
As a SafeScrypt sales affiliate dataedge intends to offer following services in the country obtain and implement Digital Certificates and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based solutions. Integration of the certificates into applications ranging from Email systems to
intranets, VPNs, ERP systems or any other customer applications. Security through PKI solutions to a wide range of business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) applications over the Internet.
CISCO, Extreme, 3Com & Allied Telesyn Registered Partner:
As the registered partner dataedge markets full range of CISCO, Extreme, 3Com & ATi networking products in Bangladesh.
AMP Netconnect Partner:
dataedge partners with AMP Netconnect (Tyco Electronics) to provide end to end passive network cabling of enterprises comprising of Twisted Pair and/or Optical Fibre cabling along with all accessories and components as required.
Microworld Authorized Reseller:
As the authorized reseller of MicroWorld Incorporated dataedge offers network antivirus and Internet content security software and services to enterprises.
Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solutions:
dataedge offers end to end security solutions in Bangladesh market with partnering with CNT with Check Point Software, Fortinet, Bluchip & others.
VERITAS Registered Partner:
dataedge has been the registered partner of VERITAS Software Corporation (currently owned by Symantec). As its registered partner dataedge offers end to end storage management solutions for enterprise customers in the country.
Custom Software Application:
The software development team at dataedge is currently working on Edifice—HR application, and VertFin—Finance and Accounts application, two fully web based solutions in order to cater the HR and Accounts needs of MNCs. We also actively pursue large turnkey
software development projects.
Project Management/IT Service Management:
Based on background and professional expertise of individuals dataedge also provides outsourced Project Management and IT Service Management Services to multitudes of customers.
Communication Link:
dataedge has recently started operating as Internet Service Provider by offering broadband radio communication connectivity to large enterprises.